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Zydeco 2-Step, Cajun 2-Step
Cajun Jig, Waltz, Line Dances
Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced
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Welcome to the home of LouisianaDanceLA.com, a website for those who love the culture, music and dance of Southwest Louisiana and Houston, with a special emphasis on Zydeco, the high-energy music and dance of the Creole people of those areas. I'm delighted to share my passion and addiction with you!

Fun! Fun! Fun! Great exercise! Make new friends!
Singles Welcome! All ages welcome! "I've never danced before" welcome!

Private Lessons:
Call me at (562) 708-8946 for rates
and to schedule your private lessons

Private Parties & Special Events
I'm also teaching at a variety of special events, including
local festivals and other venues. For more information,
EMAIL ME AT karinovations@verizon.net or call me at 562-708-8946. Please include your first and last name and let me know you found me here on my website.
Cajun and Zydeco Dance Instruction:
Come learn to "do the zydeco!"

Group lessons: If you would like to put a group of folks together for group lessons, send me an email at karinovations@verizon.net or call me at 562-708-8946. If you set it up, I will come! I'll even drive long distances, so get in touch with me TODAY! I am working on public venues now for weekly classes, so go to the link at the bottom of this web page and sign up TODAY for the Gator Gazette email only newsletter for current info about where to find me.

Private Dance Lessons:
Is there a move you've been seeing on the dance floor that you'd like to pick up? Would you like to "fine tune" your styling, or do you need to start from scratch?
Send me an email at: karinovations@verizon.net or give me a call today at 562-708-8946 to schedule your lessons. It's lots of fun, the time flies and you'll leave happy and a leeetle bit skinnier too. (Zydeco is very aerobic and great exercise) I promise!

Zydeco Two-Step: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced
Cajun Two-Step, Cajun Jig
Country Waltz
Line Dances

Individual sessions or packages are available. There's a discount for packages, so be sure to ask for the details.

I provide Zydeco dance instruction and entertainment as follows:
• Private Parties
• Corporate Events
• Private Lessons
• Festivals
• Concerts
• Fairs
• Educational Events on Cajun and Zydeco Music and Culture
• Television and Film-Can provide dancers, bands, and more!

Call Karen today at (562)708-8946 or (562)708-8946 for pricing and booking info.
You can also send me an email at: karinovations@verizon.net

If you are looking for a Zydeco or Cajun band or performer, I know exactly who to call for your needs! Call Karen at (562)708-8946 or email me at:

I'm looking forward to meeting y'all soon!
Et toi! Laissez les bons temps rouler!